• 27 июня 2017, вторник
  • Москва, Рочдельская ул., 15, стр. 30


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481 день назад
с 21:00 27 июня по 6:00 28 июня 2017
Рочдельская ул., 15, стр. 30

By tradition, each year HSE gives its graduates a grand send-off. After all, they deserve it! HSE organizes a celebration: a large and noisy party, where graduates have the opportunity to talk, relax, dance, play, enjoy the show and get some parting words of advice from their teachers, deans and the university rector.

Each year HSE chooses a special theme for the graduation, to ensure it’s a party to remember. For many graduates, studying at HSE was a magical time in their life, so welcome to HSE Hogwarts!

On June 20 Jagger Hall will be transformed into a castle from the magical world of Harry Potter, and the heroes of this epic will mingle with the guests, so don’t be surprised if you trip over Ron Weasley, and don’t be too naughty, or Severus Snape will turn you into a beer mug.

A panoply of exciting adventures and activities will be laid on for the guests, and a grand show by a number of different HSE student organisations will be performed on the big stage.

And what about Professor Dumbledore? Ah, of course, Yaroslav Kuzminov will appear on the stage with a special speech near the end of the magic ball.

A concert will follow the ball, and from midnight to 5 am DJs will entertain guests at HSE Hogwarts.

We are glad to inform you that you are invited to the official HSE Graduation 2017, which will take place on June 20 in Jagger Hall.


9.06 – 15.06 1100 RUB

16.06 – 21.06 1300 RUB

21.06 – 26.06 1500 RUB

27.06 1800 RUB

The price includes:

- Welcome drink
- HSE presents
- Photo shoot


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